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About Us: About Katie Metros, PT, DPT

Katie Metros, PT, DPTKatie Metros, PT, DPT

Katie is adept at developing an individualized plan of care for each patient. She has a strong interest in manual therapy; with specialized treatment of soft tissue pathology utilizing Graston technique. She believes in comprehensive treatment addressing flexibility, strength, postural awareness, movement patterns, and balance/proprioception to restore to their prior functional level. She has an extensive background in treating spine and lumbo-pelvic dysfunction, and is confident treating a variety of orthopedic conditions.

Katie received her B.S. in Biology, May 2005, from the University of Indianapolis; and Doctor of Physical Therapy, May 2008, from the University of Indianapolis. Her professional affiliations include APTA member since 2005; Orthopedic Section Member. She is Graston Technique certified and is also an APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor.

Additional professional interests include working with running/endurance athletes, throwers, and addressing/analyzing gait and biomechanics. She supports prevention and health promotion, and treats beyond just the affected body part.

Katie’s passion for physical therapy is demonstrated in her ability to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with her patients. Additionally, she remains dedicated to education to provide current and effective treatments. She works closely with all disciplines and colleagues to pursue optimal outcomes for her patients. She maintains an enthusiastic rehab environment, celebrating with her patients as they achieve their goals.

Undergraduate Education

University of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN

Doctor of Physical Therapy

University of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN

Professional Affiliations

American Physical Therapy Association member
Orthopedic Section Member